Broken link in description for Other Development Systems

The link for QUEST in the description text for Other Development Systems is giving 404 errors. I think the correct link should be . You may want to double check this with Alex Warren - the owner of Quest.

The link seems to be working for me - redirects to the new address, unless I’m looking at the wrong link. Although if the link could be updated to the new one that would be great.

It redirects me to - which gives a 404 error.

The redirect is working correctly for me – I see an HTTP redirect (302) to

I’m not sure why there would be any difference, unless there’s a DNS error somewhere. Are you getting for both server names?

Interestingly (or not), redirects to the broken Ultimate.cgi link, and and do indeed resolve to the same server. Sounds like the browser is not passing the correct host name to the server which makes me wonder what browser you’re seeing this behaviour with?

I’ve updated the link to the Quest forum.

Safari 5.1.5 on Mac OS X.

Thanks for updating the link, but I was referring to the link in the forum title description here (highlighted in RED)
“Other Development Systems
Questions and discussion relating to authoring IF using any other IF Development System. Hugo, ADRIFT, Quest, SUDS, Alan, AGT or another?”

The link here is still giving 404 errors from my work PC which uses IE8.

I am using IE8 at work & IE9 at home and it was happening from both PCs.

Sorry to have caused such a ‘kerfuffle’.


OK, I fixed that link also.