Brief intro to interactive fiction

Every two weeks, I write a column for a news outlet to give people ideas on how technology can help their creativity. I thought interactive fiction would be a good fit, so I wrote something up about it this week: … ideo-game/

It’s meant to introduce a general audience to the idea of IF and is a high-level overview. I’ll be covering Inform 7 next time.

Nice one. I’m bookmarking this for the next time someone asks me for a quick overview.


Part 2 of my intro to interactive fiction series is up. It’s an extremely general and gentle introduction to Inform 7 that I hope will spur someone to look into the language further. It also includes my thoughts on why I7 is so awesome.

(Bonus: This installment features a hamburger.)


Part 3 or 3 is now up. This one is a brief introduction to Twine and the idea of branching narratives. Again, these are introductions to interactive fiction to a general audience.