I’ll be doing Breakfast again this year, of course; but this time I’ll be doing them as I go along instead of all at once after I’ve finished everything. The first review (“The Queen’s Menagerie”) is already on the site.

I’ll also be posting them to my blog.

Glad to hear it! The Breakfast Reviews are a joy to behold.

Last year my game earned the rank of “congee”. That’s pretty good, but I hope to improve on that this time around!

Oh, man, I think I missed these last year, but I love the comparisons to different breakfasts :smiley:

And that’s it! All 58 games reviewed! Votes have been submitted! Now I think I want to lie down for a bit…

Here: The Breakfast Review: IFcomp 2016

You did a tremendous job. Overall my fave reviews of the comp and I’ll likely be going back over your coverage of all the past years!!

Christopher – excellent as always! Hands down the best reviews to read!

Thanks! I hope people like them well enough to consider supporting my writing efforts.

I’m impressed you’re able to do these reviews AND write. I didn’t close to get through all the games this year, so it’s always nice to have a guide like yours that never feels like just a guide.

We are not worthy! This has been a huge highlight of every IFComp for me.

Has anyone ever assembled their assigned breakfast in honor of their review?

Joey Jones, co-author of “Calm” in 2011, did! He even posted a picture, though the picture link appears to be dead now.

We should totally do that. As a matter of fact, we should make it compulsory, a sine qua non condition for IFComp participation :laughing:

You wrote this, now you gonna eat it.

PS: A Bloody Mary? Don’t mind if I do…

PPS: Put your code where your mouth is.

I would be okay with making pancakes and serve it in a tray that has a secret compartment which contains… more pancakes.

A lovely idea, but I’m not even sure where you can buy an egg coddler these days! XD

Actually, we should contrive some breakfasts and see if someone can make a game to match. BreakfastComp.

I do not want to be the author who has to make up a game matching “manna from Heaven with an accompanying chalice of ambrosia”.

Dunno about the manna but

In sweden, we call the centre of wheat-seeds “mannagryn” and we also make pudding out of it, so combined with Robin’s suggestion, that’d make it pudding with a side-order of pudding.

In that case, I guess such a game would be the one that sounds like it should be Beyond Amazing and then turns out to be a mundane, gloopy mess!

I wish I could get chwee kueh here!

I ate my breakfast review in 2011. Since then these reviews had been one of the highlights of the comp for me.