Borogove: Online editor for Vorple, Inform, Hugo, Dialog and Ink

The thing is, I would want to integrate this with the interactive debugger. That would allow you to edit the code in the left pane, and immediately have those changes merged into the running game in the right pane. I’m sure it can be done, but it’s a bit more involved than a simple recompile (because the state of the game needs to be taken into account).

I love the idea of Borogove. The UI is a lot less cluttered than desktop I7, which is a good thing in my book.

I could see it as a suitable platform for testing code on the go. On my Android phone, though, the editor becomes unusable. It rejects key presses (newline and backspace) and there’s something funky about the caret that suppresses the keyboard even appearing after a short period of editing.

This may be Android’s fault, but no other web forms do as badly, so I thought it deserves mention.

Great tool! Thank you very much for this, Juhana.

BTW: just for now I would be very happy to have Dialog support, even without the interactive Debugger. It would help polishing my german translation a lot. Releasing the documentation of borogove would help me doing it myself.

I am curious how exactly the system works. Are the compilers running on an extern werbserver?

The Inform 7 compiler runs as an external service, but all other compilers run in the browser. They’re converted from C source code to Javascript using Emscripten which is the same tech used e.g. in some of Lectrote’s interpreters and the Internet Archive’s DOS game’s library.


Dialog support has been added to the editor along with the Å-machine interpreter, mainly thanks to @Mikawa’s efforts.

In addition the issue where the Quixe interpreter didn’t print consecutive spaces has been fixed.


How do you use extensions? Specifically “Plurality by Emily Short” - my test game uses this but it fails to compile as it says it can’t find it, I also have an Include to “Basic Screen Effects by Emily Short” and that works?

The Plurality extension is defunct at this point, because its features have been incorporated into Inform’s core. So it doesn’t exist in recent versions.


Is everything ok? I keep getting an error at the very first phase of compilation inform 7 projects: “Could not connect to remote compilation service”.

Sorry, the compiler service was down for a few hours after a server update. It should now be working again.


Is there a way to manually order the files in the project, preferably without renaming them? The order matters in Dialog, and in particular, stdlib.dg needs to be last in the compliation order.

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Could you make the PunyInform library an option for Inform 6?


Not at the moment, but I’ll add the feature to the todo list.

Yes! I’ll add it in the next update.


Since I don’t have any Inform 7 installation on my own computer, this is a pretty neat way of just playing around with it. (I have no ambitions of actually creating a game.) But once I’ve hit “Go” once, when I make a change to the source code and hit “Go” again, the changes don’t seem to carry through. It’s as the source hasn’t been saved before compiling. If I go back to the project manager and re-open the project, I can compile and run it just fine.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this some issue with either Borogove or the web browser (Firefox)? (It does seem a bit too glaring to be a Borogove problem.)

I just tried this on Firefox (88.0) and Chrome (90.0.4430.85) on Windows and can confirm the issue.
I think the compilation step works, because interestingly, the Index tab shows the correctly updated model world. But the interpreter in the Story tab doesn’t seem to have loaded the updated story file.

It was an issue with the interpreter (caching old versions of the game file), should work now without having to reload the project.


Seems to work fine. Thanks!

PunyInform is now added as an option under Inform 6.


Works a charm. Thanks a lot!

I noticed a small problem with PunyInform. If I change storyfile format by adding this at the beginning of my program:

!% -v3

…I can’t change to z5 or z8 later on. When I start the game, the z3 file is started every time.