Booth question - how to change on to in? (TADS 3)

Hi all,

I am trying to code a bath that the player can get into. I have:

+bath: Fixture, Booth ‘white bath/tub’ ‘bath’

This gives me:

get in bath
You sit on the bath.

How do I change the Booth so I get:

get in bath
You sit in the bath.

Thank you.

Looking through the Library Reference Manual, it appears that the actorInPrep for a Booth is ‘in’. I think the reason it’s not working for you may be that you need to put the class declarations in the other order. Try this:

  • bath: Booth, Fixture

…but no, the actorInPrep for Fixture defaults to objInPrep, and that’s ‘in’ for the Fixture class too. After looking around (at the section on Nested Rooms in Learning T3), I’m stumped.

There’s some stuff in msg_neu.t about actor.posture.participle. I’d have to test to figure out what it does. It seems to affect room descriptions. So … after you’re sitting “on” the bath, do a ‘look’ command to see the room description, and check whether it says, “(on the bath)”. If so, there may be a way to adjust the sitting posture code so as to give better results. Not sure, but ‘look’ would be the first thing I’d try.

frobtads 3.1.3 here, using adv3/en_us (neu):