Boolean operatorsin Inform 7?

Hi everyone! I’m writing an IF using Inform 7. I have a table with two things on it (a bottle and a deck of card). I need to write the description of the table and it should also say what things are on the table. I wrote this

the description of table is "A table made of wood[if the player carry bottle and deck of cards].[otherwise if the player carry bottle] with a deck of cards on it.[otherwise if the player carry deck of cards] with a bottle on it.[otherwise] with a bottle and a deck of cards on it.[end if]".

but it gives me this error:

what’s the problem? that ‘and’ ? how can I do to write 2 conditions in the same line of code, without write
[if condition1][if condition2] xxx [end if][end if]?
thank you very much!

Just say each individual condition in full: if the player carries the bottle and the player carries the deck of cards.

yeah it works! Thank you :smiley: