Books Extension

Hi! I’ve been working on a series of extensions these past two months, This “books” extension it lets users make “readable” things like books and engravings, the player can then make a thing and add text to it. Books have special attributes like front cover, back cover and spine. It also includes a bookmark object that the player can carry to put in the book and it saves the last page read. Here’s a snippet of the example included:

[code]Example: * The Comic Book - A 7th page comic book.

*: "The Comic Book" by "Andre Rodriguez"

Include Books by Bart Massey

The Minimalist Room is a room. "This room is depressingly devoid of furniture and adornment."

[The Zorkmid coin: example of readable thing that isn't a book]
The zorkmid coin is carried by the player. The description is "This large ugly coin purports to be worth exactly one Zorkmid. Whatever that is." The read text is "One Zorkmid[paragraph break]In Focom We Trust".

The long comic book is a book in the Minimalist Room. "[The item described] is lying on the floor, it looks like it's falling apart." The description is "A batman and robin comic book". The title is "Batman And Robin Issue #53".  The front cover text is "1956. DC Comics". The back cover text is "Sinopsis: Tim is over his head when his intentions make him refuse his allies' help in taking down the killers. Some allies believe that Tim has lost his way and needs help himself.". The read text is "This comic book only has about 6 pages in it." The manuscript is the Table of comic book pages. 

Table of comic book pages
Page Text
"Page 1: Batman punches some random person."
"Page 2: Random person turns out to be Robin."
"Page 3: Batman apologizes and takes Robin for some ice cream."
"Page 4: Robin says he didn't like the ice cream."
"Page 5: Robin takes off mask and turns out to be the Joker."
"Page 6: Batman punches the Joker right in the face."
"Page 7: The Joker says: 'Wow, that was totally uncalled for.'"

The pretty bookmark is a bookmark carried by the player. The description is "Gilded flowers adorn this stylish bookmark."

Test me with "read front cover of comic book / read comic book / turn page / turn page / put pretty bookmark in comic book / close comic book / read spine of comic book / read back cover of comic book / open comic book / turn to bookmark / turn to first page / close comic book / summarize comic book".

I tested it myself and it works, but I’d like to see if there are special cases where it fails so I’d certainly appreciate it if anyone wants to try it out, offer feedback, tell me if it would be cool to add x feature, anything really.
I attached the extension for anyone to try it out.

books.i7x (21.8 KB)