Bookmoss - Devon Guinn

Other notable facts: Twine piece (people have opinions about Twine, I know, so might as well toss it out front); also, let’s be fair, it’s kind of a library advertising piece. I’ve played a few good advertisement games, and I’ve been a library student, so I’m sympathetic enough.

My thoughts: Solidly programmed, not too many bells and whistles other than some text effects-- the look is kind of bog-standard Twine, though, which is OK but feels a little unpolished. The script-form dialogue irked me a bit, personally, but that’s a personal taste thing. It’s a bit light on story, and the explorey bits seemed cut a little too short to do much when taking backtracking into account. And I would’ve liked more chances to tell the manic pixie dream librarians what they could do with their special moss. But it wasn’t bad by any means, there were some fun and clever bits. I’d say a solid 7 at least. Though my randomized list seems to have been giving me some fairly dodgy titles so far, which may or may not be unfairly weighing my opinion one way or the other…

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