Book websites that list books about interactive fiction?

On any of the websites that are designed for tracking books you’ve read, or cataloging books you own, or recommending books, or selling books–do you know of any recommended lists, polls, storefronts, etc. specifically for books about interactive fiction? (I know IF-related books sometimes get listed on ifwiki, but I’m asking about other sites that are more focused on books–sites which I think tend to have a thumbnail of the book cover, publishing information, ratings, links to buy the books, etc.)


I found this list on Goodreads. It has 56 books, not all equally relevant.


Thank you!

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LibraryThing lets users apply tags to books. There are currently 25 items tagged as “interactive fiction”. Like the Goodreads list, it’s a mixture of different kinds of books, with a fair amount of choose-your-own-adventure-style books.