Book meets DnD style gameplay (out today!)

Hi guys,

The first act of our gamebook DestinyQuest Infinite is out today. Our game has been in early access for a few months and now that we’ve ironed out the last few issues, we’re ready to officially launch.

A gamebook is a mix of choose-your-own-adventure books and tabletop style RPG elements. You adventure through the story collecting loot, fighting monsters, and boosting your stats to take on even bigger challenges. DQI takes this to the next level by adding hundreds of skills and abilities, character classes, and a quest-based narrative that brings over 600 pages of adventure to your fingertips.

You can buy it here or try the demo first:

This is pretty cool stuff! Some feedback:

  • The scrolling is a bit frustrating with the mouse wheel - sort of jerky. Found out I could use the arrow keys to make it much more friendly.
  • Seems difficult without mouse-over or clicking to tell which story you can do next on the map.
  • The map also seems to be pretty linear - does it open up as you play more?

Thanks for the feedback!

  • Scrolling’s pretty smooth on my setup. What computer you using? I’ll file a bug and get it fixed.
  • I’m guessing the reason the locked quests look the same is because they’re not in black and white. Firefox and IE both have bugs in that regard. You can either use Chrome, get the full book :wink: , or wait for us to figure out how to get around yet another IE misenhancement.
  • The demo has a lot of locked quests, which is why you’re seeing things as closed and linear. In the real game any map quest is open as well as the village.

I like the presentation. I feel I should offer some feedback, too:

  • The phrase “Eleas are victorious” after each battle seems wrong.
  • There are a few turns of phrases that seem to miss the mark (“you eat a heartless breakfast” seems to evoke the breakfast as being alive yet harsh and unforgiving, for instance).
  • The usual fantasy cRPG focus on sword-wielders is in evidence here, as well. I’m described as cutting down enemies with my sword regardless of the fact that I fought using magic.

Other than that, I had fun.