Bold monospace in Glulx

I’m having trouble getting boldface monospace output in Glulx. I’m using Glulx Text Effects.

What I have looks right in the Inform 7 “story” tab, and in Gargoyle, but in Quixe it seems to display as the normal font in normal weight. The behavior in Git is also strange.

Here is an example.

[code]Include Glulx Text Effects by Emily Short.

Table of User Styles (continued)
style name fixed width font weight
special-style-1 true bold-weight

every turn:
say “[fixed letter spacing]| regu |[line break]”;
say “[special-style-1]| bold |[line break]”;
say “[normal type]”.[/code]

I’m not sure if this combination just isn’t supported by the interpreters, or if there’s something else I should do.

Styles don’t combine in the Glulx screen model.

Or, I guess that wasn’t the immediate question… style hints are deprecated at this point. You can control styles on a web installation by editing the CSS file.

What should I add to the CSS file? Or is there documentation that might guide me? (Sorry, I’m not very knowledgeable about HTML and CSS stuff.)

You edit glkote.css and change just one part:

.Style_user1 { }

can be changed to something like:

.Style_user1 { font-family: monaco, andale mono, lucidatypewriter, courier, courier new, monospace; font-weight: bold; }

(the font families listed here are the ones that quixe already uses for its monospaced fonts; the web browser you’re using just goes through the list in order until it finds a font it is compatible with, then uses it).

I was thinking, it would be nice for someone to make an html/js page that has drop down menus letting you sample different backgrounds, background colors, and fonts, and then has a ‘publish’ button that gives you the glkote.css file corresponding to your choices.