Blorp! hints

I’m not getting anywhere with the first puzzle in Blorp! The in-game hint isn’t enough to get me any closer to a solution.

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  • You can’t go back.

  • There’s only one place where you have a choice of directions.

  • Have you tried both choices?

  • You want the airlock.

  • But you can’t go out without the scuba gear.

  • Is there anything else you can do with the airlock?

  • Full solution: go into the airlock, fill it part way, then open the inner door.

The clue is given if you ask the game for a hint in the main corridor.


I’m really enjoying this so far, but can’t find the key to the strong box. Any clues?

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  • search everything: there are implemented things where you might not have noticed.

  • it’s safely separated from the strong box, if you’ve found that (this clue’s useful both ways?)

  • full solution: search the fermenter in the…what’s it called, brewing room? the southernmost one?

Thanks. First hint was enough to get me by.

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