"Blood and Laurels" -- new Versu game

Emily Short just noted on Twitter that her Versu game “Blood and Laurels” showed up on the iOS App Store.

itunes.apple.com/us/app/blood-a … 04660?mt=8

This is a surprise, since Linden Labs just cancelled the whole project. (See Emily’s blog.) It’s possible that they will change their mind and yank it again; who knows. So if you feel like buying this thing, maybe do it soon.

This is a standalone app. Unlike the earlier Versu app, it does not run off a central server.

If it’s pulled from the App Store doesn’t Apple automatically delete it from everyone’s devices?

Hopefully it won’t be. This looks nice, I’d buy it if I had an iSomething.


It’s likely that Apple has this capability but it’s never been used.

And, it’s gone. That was quick.

Argh! Too quick. :frowning:

Oh, Linden. A well-oiled machine, right to the end.

The Good Labs giveth, and They taketh away.