block comments in workbench editor?

In a recent thread about how to set up the Workbench, reference was made to block commenting—select a range of lines and automatically comment or uncomment the entire range with \ comments.

Did not know that could be done in Workbench. I spend a lot of time commenting and uncommenting line by line (since /* … */ comments over a range of code collapses that range and I have not found a way to restore the formatting when the comment tags are removed).

Upon reading the previous post, I did some digging around, ended up installing Scintilla and hooking it up to Workbench as the external editor, and I can indeed comment and uncomment blocks of text. But I have to do the commenting in the external Scintilla, save the file, then reopen it in Workbench.

Is there a way to get the Workbench’s embedded Scintilla to support block comments so I don’t have to use the external editor?


I believe Workbench in fact uses the Scintilla editor.

To comment out a block of code in Workbench, select the lines you want preceded with //, then click the // button, which is the rightmost button at the end of the top row of icons. If you select the same lines again, you can then click the // button again to remove the commenting.

Wow!! A whole new world just opened up :slight_smile:

I did not have a two-tiered tool bar, so I never saw the // button.

I hadn’t enabled the Edit tool bar on the View menu.

Now I have, and it works great.