Blackout by Jack Weaver (new release, beta)

Blackout is a short work of interactive fiction written with Twine. In typical CYOA style, you control the protagonist who, after a night of drinking, finds himself in the middle of a murder mystery, where he is the prime suspect.

Blackout is completely free and should run in any modern browser. A typical playthrough takes about 15-20 minutes. There are in-game links to a feedback form, if you care to share your compliments, critiques, and suggestions.

It looks like you and I just made accounts and posted games at the same time, so I felt it serendipitous to play your game. I left feedback with the provided link – a page from your book I may need to lift for myself.

Good job – keep it up!

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I get an error while loading the game

index.html:3202 Error: no valid storage adapters found
    at Object.e (index.html:3196)
    at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (index.html:3202)
    at e (index.html:59)
    at t (index.html:59)
(anonymous) @ index.html:3202

OS: debian stable, browser: chromium

Do you have cookies and/or local storage disabled?

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Thanks, apparently Chromium comes with “block third party cookies”; turning it off solved the problem.

If I recall correctly, even popular browsers like Safari have that as a default, impacting lots of potential players.

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It’s good that third-party cookies are disabled by default. Third-party cookies are used by e.g. Google and Facebook to track what you are doing online, across sites.

I have no idea why local web storage is controlled by the same checkbox, though. Sure, it can be used to track your behaviour over time on a particular site, so it has privacy implications, but there’s nothing “third-party” about it. And for offline HTML files? I don’t see how that could be abused—but I’m curious to find out, if anybody knows.