Bitterly Indifferent reviews from IFcomp 2021

Thread to be updated as additional reviews are published:


Thank you for the review and I’m very glad you had fun! :slight_smile:

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Unfortunate poses an interesting question: should you predict misfortune and then passively watch it unfold?


I thought that The Best Man was going to be the autobiography of a self-pitying doormat, but it turns out that the author is unnaturally good at creating narrative voices.

Brave Bear has a simple view of the world, but “simple” can be difficult to implement.


The House on Highfield Lane was a smoothly implemented parser experience that left me with a feeling of detachment.

I thought At King Arthur’s Christmas Feast was delightful, but your mileage may vary.

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The Corsham Witch Trial contains no actual witches — and that’s fine, there weren’t any at the Salem Witch Trials, either.

Beneath Fenwick presents a detailed story that is overshadowed by its interface, encouraging me to ignore the text and hunt for links.


A wonderfully detailed review thank you kindly, and you’re definitely not wrong to call me out on my moralising. Thank you for taking the time and sharing your thoughts, a twist or more interactive ending would have done well to spice things up.

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The TURING Test buries a delightfully tense decision in thousands of words of apocalypse fan fiction.

Kidney Kwest reminded me of AI dungeon, but it’s trying to accomplish an awful lot in a single project.

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RetroCON 2021 has implemented several games inside a single experience, which sends an oddly recursive message.

Enveloping Darkness would have been better with more descriptive details. Right now, you could replace the orcs with Canadians, and nobody would notice.