Bigfoot Bluff source code

For those who are curious about all the puzzles in Bigfoot Bluff, I’ve uploaded the source code here.

I may have made some changes to the text, fixing typos, etc. since the comp release, but structurally it is the same game as the comp release.



I’ve also given permission to ClubFloyd to post their transcript of the game, though I am not sure when they will do that.


I just compiled BB to an exe !

Cool, thanks. Does that use an existing parser or something? I might consider putting up an EXE on my Itch page.

It’s been compiled to C, then to an EXE as a stand alone game. Sorry, i put the exe on the Inform thread.

In a bit, i’m going to have a hackabout, see if i can make the same thing into a web version with images and sound…

That sounds good! I tried to get the map into the game but couldn’t figure out Vorple or graphics frames in time for the comp.

If you can figure out a way to do that, I’d be happy to put an version with the map image up on my page

I can’t remember if I put a license on the game or source code, but I declare it open source & free to modify and republish.

Attribution doesn’t matter— add your name or remove my own—just so long as the end result does not look like anyone is putting words in my mouth.