Big dreams

Hello. It’s me again.

Are Z-machine/GLULX games in any way, even the least bit, compatible with Scumm (or ScummVM) ?

Like, the internal workings. That they don’t generate audio and visuals, sure.

But if a mechanism works in Glulx, would it work in Scumm? And is there a society interested in creating point-and-click scumm games out of specific works of IF?

I don’t know for sure, but I can’t imagine there would be. Completely different company with their own method of generating text. SCUMM had no parser to speak of.

and still:

That’s a fangames site, right? There are people still using SCUMM to make their own games. Unless one of them has cobbled some sort of interface between Z/Glu, I still don’t imagine that they would have even considered this natively.

Do they have a forum over there? Why don’t you ask them?

It sounds like they are suggesting that success in making a graphic adventure game means understanding how they work, and prototyping in a parser format is a good way to get started.

Heh. I would have actually suggested AGS as a prototype maker. For the most basic stuff, it’s VERY easy to just dive right in, put in mock placeholder graphics, and start prototyping.

Then again, once you get to grips with AGS and realise how awesome it is, you’ll probably be using it INSTEAD of the tool you were going to use in the first place.

[/shameless plug]

Not entirely apropos of what you’re asking, but the Gargoyle family of libraries (allowing play of many amateur IF formats and several historical commercial ones) has been added to a fork of SCUMMVM entitled SCUMMVM-MISC (after text adventures, unlike Lands of Lore, were determined to be outside SCUMMVM’s scope).