Big Changes Coming to the Forums!

(Hanon Ondricek) #101

This occurs if you use the browser’s back button to return to the interface page since that was the status you left it in. If you refresh the page, or access it via a standard link, it works as expected.

(This is similar behavior on phpBB - if I am browsing by searching for unread topics, read one, reply and retrace steps with the browser back button, the topic still shows unread in the list with the previous last poster listed. The page still needs to be refreshed to show the updated information and the topic read.)

(Hanon Ondricek) #102

Here are four themes:
[rant=4 themes]theme dark.png
theme light.png
theme fakebook.png
theme graceful.png[/rant]

(Hanon Ondricek) #103

I installed “Sams Simple Theme” which eliminates a lot of the avatar clutter - mostly in a filtered category list of topics.
Screenshot 2019-02-16 15.42.37.png


Discourse is nice. Feature list is not important as long as it’s a forum and it would work without JS on mobiles. I would be okay even with return to Usenet.


I just briefly tried the Discourse site, a couple of initial questions/suggestions:

  • The public full name field in the profile is apparently automatically filled in based on the user’s email address? My email address starts with juhana.if and the full name was shown as Juhana If. This might be a problem to someone who signed up here with a pseudonym and didn’t want their real name revealed, and didn’t expect that part of their email address was to be made public. Now you can browse the user list and see a lot of real names there. Not only that, but you can probably guess many email addresses by just adding to the end.
  • Is there some way to personally disable badges or at least notifications for new badges? I don’t really care for them and getting a notification (in the top right corner) is distracting.
  • Is there a way to automatically import phpBB’s foes list as Discourse’s muted users?
  • The font size in code snippets is huge and the container is narrow. Especially in Inform 7 code almost all snippets overflow and you have to scroll horizontally.


Oh, you’re right. This is a serious issue. I’ll raise it with the author of the migration script.

I’m not sure sorry. I’ll take a look.

Not currently. I’ll suggest this be added to the migration script todo list.

This depends on the theme. The original IntFiction theme has better proportioned fonts, but still has scrolling snippets. We should be able to change that with a little custom CSS.

(Hanon Ondricek) #107

I believe you can hide badges and pretty much all notifications in your user profile.


I don’t see any options to hide badge notifications in the options, at least not where you’d expect to find them (preferences -> notifications).

(Hanon Ondricek) #109

Researched it, and the only way is to disable badges for the entire board. I understand they seem to come fast and furious right when you start, but once you get the basic ones for finding your way around the interface, they become rarer and you won’t see them very often. It’s basically a tutorial reward mode.


So do that then.

(David Griffith) #111

We don’t need no stinkin’ badges?


In the end, the phpBB upgrade looks and acts like legitimate forum software, while discourse still looks and functions like some kid’s final project in a programming class.

(David Whyld) #113

I haven’t posted here for a while - two years or so - but I still check the forum out most days and still enjoy what I read here, so I’d hate to see it turn into Discourse. Let’s be honest: Discourse is shit. It looks amateurish as hell and is in no way a decent substitute for the forum we already have.

Things don’t work here as well as they should? Fix them! Don’t ditch a perfectly decent forum and move everything to some ungodly mess like Discourse.

There. Piece said. Back to lurking for another couple of years or so.

(Hanon Ondricek) #114

Not to interrupt your lurk, but from the participation schedule you’ve detailed, it sounds like getting periodic email digests of forum activity sent to you from Discourse would be the perfect solution for you!


Referring to post 1 (a bit late, I know): The current software works well for me. The phpBB update looks good. Discourse looks like I’d imagine an Instagram forum to look like - a forum for people who love visuals and hate reading.

I do like improvements. Very. I’m glad whenever I find new software that’s better than the one I’m using. But in terms of a forum, I want to read text and find what I’m searching for. Colours and icons are just distractions. Reduce to the max, I say. Just saying.

(Erik Temple) #116

There are a number of comments to the effect that Discourse is overly visual, with too many colors and icons, so I’m just quoting this one because it’s convenient. However, the Discourse interface that Dannii has previewed is just objectively much cleaner than the current or the proposed phpBB interface, both of which are full of absolutely unnecessary chrome all over the page. I just can’t see any truth in the argument that phpBB foregrounds text better than Discourse. That said, I would love to see the mods remove avatar icons from unnecessary locations in Discourse (such as the middle column of the post listing here). With that simple change, there would be almost nothing graphical left at all on the Discourse pages.

The fact that phpBB is virtually unusable on a phone is reason enough to move away from the platform.


Theming is much easier in Discourse, so that’s definitely something we’ll look at. Hanon has already installed a couple of themes for us to trial, and some cut down the avatars to only that of the last poster. We could easily remove that as well so those who want it can have a super minimalistic theme.


That sounds like it’s coming from a corporate spokesperson for Discourse :-/

Email is not the “perfect” solution. But a good solution in my opinion is to not replace a good solution with one that’s worse.

(Hanon Ondricek) #119

Front page with no avatars:



This is a minor nitpick, but the banner logo looks very cluttered. May keep the white text or the black text, but not both?