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I wanna keep track of how many places the player has visited. For no reason. None whatsoever. Nothing suspicious here. A room can be visited or unvisited. A room is usually unvisited. Carry out going to an unvisited room: now the room is visited. However, that doesn’t work. Which I find weird because it’s basically this code that -does- work. A thing can be examined or unexamined. A thing is usually unexamined. Carry out examining something: now the noun is examined. Any help would be much appreciated.

It’s because there’s already a ‘visited’ property in the Standard Library you can use for this.

and how do i count the amount of visited rooms, not forgetting the one you start off in? :astonished:

If the number of visited rooms is less than 20:
Let the count be the number of visited rooms.
If there is an unvisited room...

holy s*** thanks! :slight_smile: