Bi Lines

I want to say that this isn’t typically my favorite style of game, but it grabbed my attention very quickly. I was loving it…

But I can’t seem to progress through the third day because of dead links. No matter what I try I can’t get past leaving the apartment. I also ran into this problem on day two(?) but was able to back out and pick another choice which allowed me to progress.

I love Norbez’s writing style. I hope that this gets updated.

The author has just updated the game. I think this should be fixed now!

Hello! Norbez here. I’m glad you like Bi Lines so far!
I fixed a bug this morning that had the player get stuck on “As you walk, you see the ghosts.” If that’s the dead link you’re referring to, it should be fixed now. If not, I’d love it if you could please DM with more information so I can put in a patch.
Thanks again!

Guess I should mention: the bugs with links have long since been fixed. Thank you to those who sent me bug reports, and to everyone who has played Bi Lines so far! <3

@ifcomp How exactly are you supposed to feel when your assaulter is untouchable, what happened is unbelievable, and talking about it will open up your own closet doors?

I’ve also posted a review of the game on my blog.