Betatesting an ALAN3 game for IFComp2011

Hi, I wrote a small ALAN3 game for IfComp 2011. The deadline for submitting games is drawing close and I would need somebody to have a quick look and give some feedback. I would send the game file to your e-mail if you volunteer. The interpreter would have to be the latest snapshot from the AlanIf website (e.g. for Windows you would have to download
the file “alan3_0beta2-1184.win32.x86.setup” from the home page and play the game with the interpreter found there).

It’s an old-school roam in an abandoned house and solving the secrets therein. The name is “Ted Paladin And The Case Of The Abandoned House”.
The gimmick in this game are the abnormal location descriptions that make it harder to solve the puzzles. But there are built-in hints and walkthru included.


I’d be happy to take a look. My email address is luteinhawthorne@gmail (dot com) if you’d like to send me the file.