Beta testing for parser game

I’ve got a light, medium-length (I think?) parser game written in Inform that I’d like to get people to test. It’s my first parser game, and it’s about an apprentice witch who’s in over her head (relatable!).

Do I have enough time left to get it ready for IfComp? Not sure! Lots left to be done. But I can get started testing it anyhow.

Get in touch if you’re interested!


IFComp’s intent deadline this has already passed. You have to declare you are entering a game approximately a month before the submission deadline. If you mean IFComp 2020, you have plenty of time!

If you’ve do have an intent in for IFComp 2019, you have until Sep 28 US ET to submit it.

I did submit an intent! Thx for the reminder though

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