Beta Testing for IF Game -- Tripping the Live Subconsicous

Hello, all:

This is a second beta test for my IF game. Changes that have been made since the last round of beta testing in February (I think that it should have been classified as early-alpha instead) were based on the playability of the game along with tester feedback.

Options added:

Detailed Hint System
Listening and smelling in some locations
List of exits for each room listed in banner
Most characters have between 30 and 40 conversation points
Added as many synonyms for verbs as I could think of
Accompanying narrator (like a ghost narrator) who follows the player and offers hints, suggestions, and comments
All puzzles should be working correctly
Dynamic room and object descriptions
A guidebook for the player to consult for hints

Coming soon:
A hand-drawn map of the subconscious

The game is large, like a Zork-type game. It is science fiction. The narrator breaks the fourth wall. Adult humor.

I have the “*” feature active so that if you type a comment preceded by an asterisk it stands out in the transcript.

If you are interested, please let me know. Thank you!