Beta testers wanted

I’m looking for some beta testers for my game. It’s parser and puzzle-based.

A little background: I’m a math professor at a liberal arts college, and my hope is that the game is something I could give to my students as a way to explore mathematical concepts in a different venue (interactive fiction) than they usually see. It’s not designed to be a tutorial like “Lists and Lists” but more like “The Chinese Room,” so that the player engages mathematical ideas by solving traditional IF-style puzzles.

Length: It depends on the player, although my guess is that the game takes 4-6 hours to play through.

I’d like a few testers who think they have the time to play all the way through the game over the next couple of weeks. I’d particularly love to have testers with a wide range of math backgrounds so that I can see how well I’m doing at translating mathematics into IF.

I’m also willing to trade beta testing.

If you’re interested, please reply to this message or PM me.


Sure thing. I’ll take a look.

Here is my beta feedback;

feedback removed by request, as game not yet published.

jkj yuio,

Thank you for the feedback!

If you have any more, would you mind sending it to me privately? PM’ing is great, or you can use the email address I sent in the message I gave you.

I’ve got plenty of testers now. Thanks to everyone who responded!