Beta testers wanted for 'The Sorcerer of Soromere'

You are a blacksmith’s apprentice in the village of Troforde in 1068. You are sick of your life in the village and long for adventure.

You overhear a customer in the blacksmith’s shop explaining that there is an evil sorcerer overtaking the nearby town of Soromere. There has been a call to arms for any able-bodied fighter to kill the sorcerer.

In your delusions of grandeur, you think you can take on this sorcerer yourself. So you set out to seek ‘The Sorcerer of Soromere’.

This is a classic parser-based, text adventure where you must solve numerous puzzles in order to find and (hopefully) defeat the evil sorcerer. You must find and manipulate objects along the way and overcome barriers to your progress.

The game has a very rich story that is also being developed into a book and role-playing game to be released later in 2020. As the story develops, you will find that this is a land of magic and you will not be able to defeat the sorcerer by yourself. However, there are numerous non-player characters that can help you in your quest. You can interact with the characters by talking to them, asking them about things and giving them things. In some cases, they will set you tasks to do before they will help you.

The game is written in Inform 6 and compiled to run with a Glulx interpreter, such as Glulxe for Windows, Lectrote for Linux and Mac or Zag for Java. It has illustrations for every location, some cut scenes and background music.

This is a fully-developed game, not just a half finished work-in-progress. If you would like to be a beta tester, please say so here or send me a personal message and I will send you the download link and password. The download file is about 8MB. All I ask is that you do not reveal anything about the story or the puzzles on this or any other public forum, as I may enter it in the annual IF Comp for 2020 to coincide with the release of the book and RPG.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Garry - colour me intrigued!

Sounds like an ambitious project for which there could never be too many eyes and minds helping you to iron out the kinks. And falling squarely in the genre that wags my tail, so to speak - count me in!

What would be the timetable for completing beta testing? I have a week off work coming up at the beginning of June, during which I would be able to do some justice to the testing.


Thanks Lee. I’ve sent you a message with the download details.

There’s no tight timetable. Obviously, the sooner the better so that I can fix things while it’s still fresh in my mind. For what it’s worth, my alpha tester said he took about 4 hours to complete it, but he wrote the design brief, so he was familiar with the story and the puzzles. I think two days would probably be a fair estimate of the time required to complete the game and do a thorough test.

As I’m a Windows user, I’d really like someone to test this on Mac and Linux. Any offers? Even if only to test the graphics and music.

Mac user here. I’d like to test your work.

Thanks Jason. I’ve sent you a message with download details.

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Game sounds like fun! Let me know if you want a beta tester running Linux.

Thanks Patrick. I’ve sent you the download details. I now have a Mac user, a Linux user and a few Windows users. Testing is going well. I’m madly adding enhancements to account for all the inventive things that my testers have tried.

I love my testers! Thanks guys.

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I’ve had 5 people test ‘The Sorcerer of Soromere’, so I don’t really need any further play testers at this time.

I’ve incorporated nearly all the feedback and uploaded beta release 2, but only for the play testers. For everyone else, you’ll have to wait until IFComp 2020. Sorry.