Beta Testers Wanted For "THE EURIPEDES ENIGMA"

Hi all,

My latest ADRIFT game, “The Euripedes Enigma”, is now finished and I would like to invite players to beta test my game.

The game features the intrepid Mike Erlin, now captain of the FSP Survey Ship Excelsior, whose ship and crew have been sent to investigate why all contact has been lost with the research base on the planet Euripedes. Mike shuttles down to the planet with a squad of marines, who find the main airlock has been all but ripped off its hinges by a powerful force. Can you and your crew solve the riddle of THE EURIPEDES ENIGMA?

Please send me a PM if you can help me by beta testing my game.

Please note that the game is written using ADRIFT5 and it would help greatly if you have ADRIFT installed on your computer.