Beta Testers Wanted For Puzzle IF

I just finished building a Interactive Fiction game styled in the style of old 80s and 90s IF and adventure games. Of course, it’s not an exact replica, but it’s styled similar, with lots of puzzles, some inventory quests, but luckily no (I think) moon logic.

The game has a fairly simple storyline: you ran out of gas and you want to try and get some gas from an old MANOR and it’s grounds that you found after a bit of exploring. But the MANOR isn’t willing to give up it’s secrets quite so easily. You’ll need to solve puzzles and collect items to get your ultimate prize…if that is indeed your ultimate prize.

If you could beta test for this game, for story/puzzles/moon logic/systems, etc, that would be very much appreciated. The game has a HELP system and can have programmable shortcuts/shortkeys, with various (changeable in-game) levels of difficulty. I’ll also include a manual for you to examine/critique if you desire.

Thanks in advance

How does the game run? Does it require a specific interpreter or OS?