Beta testers wanted for new TADS 3 game

I’m in the home stretch for an IF I plan on entering in the Winter TADS Jam 2021/2022. It’s a short game and can be finished in a single session. The genre it’s closest to is speculative fiction, something akin to a Twilight Zone episode.

Due to the rules of the jam, this is a closed beta.

If you’re interested in testing it, please DM me and I’ll send you the image file.


– Jim


If I’m considering judging, should I not beta test? Do you have enough yet?

I"m not the best person to make a call on the rules, perhaps @fos1 could answer that?

I could use one or two more testers. If you’re comfortable with testing, DM me and I’ll shoot you a copy.

If you beta test an entry, you shouldn’t judge that game for rating purposes.

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