Beta Testers sought-- Testers found!

Unless anyone is jonesing to test a short, depressing game, I have enough testers. Thanks, y’all!

It’s me, again. Yes, again. I have a short (less than 30 mins, I think) parser game that I believe is pretty polished (I hear you guys snickering, but I really think so).

I’m not sure if it’s a whole game, or more of a proof-of-concept that needs expanding, so I need feedback on that.

Reasons why you should beta test it:

1.) It’s short, and I’ve put a lot of effort into polishing it.
2.) It’s a riddle game, not a puzzle game. If you like Gollum and Bilbo What-Am-I type riddles, this is your game.
3.) Even if you don’t like riddles, the hint system is exhaustive and will just give you the answer if you want.
4.) It’s totally depressing! Yes, again. It’s about dementia, so really fun.
5.) It’s got some cool ASCII art.
6.) If you test it, I will beta test something in return, and with Spring Thing coming up, I know y’all will need that.

So those are some seriously cromulent reasons why you should do this even though I am always here nagging people to test things.

DM me once you realize what a great testing gig this is!