Beta Testers Sought for Short SeedComp Parser Game-- Testers Found!

Thanks, everyone. I have enough testers now.

Hey y’all–

I could use a couple of eyeballs on my SeedComp game. It’s Inform 7, and it’s quite short-- less than 30 minutes and maybe no more than 15 minutes. It is fairly on-the-rails and has a hint system, and I think it’s pretty easy (I’d like it to be easy). It’s had one round of testers already, so it should be clean and only in need of nitpicking.

It’s based on @sophia 's After the Accident seed, and it is a serious bummer with some bloody parts.

I’m absolutely willing to swap testing since SeedComp deadline approacheth. DM me if you’re interested.



I can’t wait to play it! Looking forward to the release!!


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