Beta Testers sought for Post-EctoComp Petite Mort Release

Hey All-
So my Petite Mort was a bit of a disaster, but now I’ve finished it the way I want, and will release a post-EctoComp version. It’s really short-- less than 10 minutes, and I’d like some eyeballs on it by the end of the Comp if anyone’s willing to do a critical transcript.

It’s parser-based, Inform 7, and it’s based on 4 poems by Emily Dickinson, so probably you won’t like it much unless you like poetry. The version in EctoComp is Your Death in two acts. The final version is Your Death in four acts, since I now have all 4 poems I intended to use in the game.

It helps to have these 4 poems handy while playing (you can get the text of the poems in-game, but it will be easier to see if I’ve adapted them well and faithfully if you have them nearby): I heard a Fly buzz when I died, I felt a Funeral in my Brain, Because I could not stop for Death, and Death is the supple suitor.

Shoot me a DM if you’re willing!

Edit: Oh, and it’s puzzle free. On the rails. And for those of you who have met me, it works. No, really. It really does.