Beta Testers sought for "Awake the Mighty Dread"

Hi, I’m a bit new to IF, as I’m a PhD researcher doing it for my dissertation (yes, it’s a pretty cool program I’m doing!).

Anyway, I have my first one done, and my supervisors have encouraged me to enter it in the IF Comp this year, so I need testers. This is cross-posted with (The direct link is here.)

A description is below - everything is set for testing, just let me know if you’re interested and I’ll PM the info to you. Happy to trade testing!

“Awake the Mighty Dread”
Platform: Inform/Glulx
Blurb: You wake up on a train in a strange world, knowing only that if you sleep, the nightmares return. But someone else is also lost, and you must find him, or else the nightmares will capture you forever. “Awake the Mighty Dread” is a chapter (playable to a winnable chapter-end) in a longer digital story about several characters who find themselves lost. It leans more toward the literary than the puzzle, and is meant to be played in under an hour, even for inexperienced players. It is being entered in the 2011 IFComp.