Beta Testers Required for "The Axe of Kolt"

Hi all,

I require some reliable beta testers for my re-write of “The Axe of Kolt”. The original game was written for the Sinclair Spectrum around 1990 so it is very much an “old school” type of adventure. The game has been re-written using ADRIFT 5, and has over 200 locations, so it is quite a large game but not as big in terms of gameplay as my recently released “Fortress of Fear”.

You do not need ADRIFT installed on your computer to playtest this game.

The prologue for the game reads as follows:

"[i]You are Alaric Blackmoon, once a mercenary swordsman, now a penniless wanderer. After the defeat of your last employer, the Baron Mescarl, pretender to the throne of Vogtland, you were banished from that kingdom and, after wandering for a couple of months, find yourself in small kingdom called Scippar. You have been living off the land and doing odd jobs along the way, but you are weary of being a mercenary and want to find somewhere to put down some roots. Maybe even find a wife and settle down to a more peaceful life.

This story begins on a cold Sunday afternoon in mid-November. You had been trying to find work in a town called Greenwych, but the people there were suspicious of strangers and although you were able to do a few odd jobs in return for some food, there was nothing that would bring you a more regular income. So you left that town and hitched a lift on a haywain, the driver of which tells you he is headed north along the King’s Highway to the town of Woolwych, but that you might have more luck finding employment in a village called Hengemire, whose folks are known for their friendliness[/i]…"

Please reply by PM if you would like to playtest “The Axe of Kolt”.


Just out of nosy interest, how different, if at all, will the rewrite be? Are you keeping it ‘old school’, or modernising the gameplay?

The re-write is mostly the same game but enhanced in the way I think I would have written it if I had had unlimited memory back then in the 1990’s.

I gave up actually playing text adventures when I started writing them in the late 1980’s, I just simply did not have the time to do both. When I re-started work on “The Fortress of Fear” a few years ago I wrote it in the style I was used to but found that this was referred to these days as “old school”. If I am honest, I don’t have much of a clue as to what you mean by “modernising” the game?

Maybe you could enlighten me?

Sorry, I should have been clearer. I meant would you be, for example, making descriptions longer, changing the basic parser mechanics, or just doing a straight adaptation so people could play it on a modern system. I’m terrible at explaining myself :smiley:

Yes, indeed I am making descriptions longer, etc. I have improved puzzles and added a few new ones. When I do re-writes of my other games, these will also be expanded and enhanced.