Beta testers required for 'Carpathian Vampire'

I have written a small vampire-themed game for the Text Adventure Literacy Jam 2022 and am looking for beta testers. The game is written in Inform 6 using the PunyInform library and compiled to a z5 file, so you will need a z-code interpreter to play it.

Apart from all the normal testing criteria for any text adventure, it is important that you read the jam rules at Text Adventure Literacy Jam - 2022 -, as I need to ensure that it adheres to all the rules.

If interested in testing, send me a personal message and I’ll send you the link and password. I think you should be able to play the game in about half an hour, but allow two hours for testing.


The people on here are wonderful. I’ve got four testers (plus another five from Discord), so I don’t need any more. I’ve already got some really good comments coming in, so thank you to everyone.