[Beta testers needed] La aventura original. Adaptation

I stated an adaptation of the 1989’s Aventuras AD adaptation of the Advent adventure (:slight_smile: not an easy sentence).

It’s a simplified Advent version (about 100 rooms) commercialized in Spain in the 80s that has a little place in our hearts. Aventuras AD had a very important rol in the Spanish IF scenario, and La aventura original is a prove of that.

Anyway, I’m doing this adaptation trying to give a bit of the old taste but with some “new” tools. If you know a bit of Spanish and want to try it, is in beta and only developed the first part, that means, getting in the Great Cave (original adventure was split in two).
If you try it, let me know your thoughts and funny parser behaviours. I’m sure I didn’t think of everything.

La aventura original

This looks to be the same as the game on Google Play Colossal Cave Adventure which when installed is called ‘La Aventura Original’. It has a choice of Spanish & English and the story is split into 2 parts - ‘The Outside World’ and ‘Inside the Cave’. You can’t jump to part 2 without a password that you obtain at the end of part 1.
Also there doesn’t seem to be any way to save progress either. Each time you SAVE GAME it seems to overwrite the previous save. I find it irritating/frustrating to play due the high volume of ads that appear. There is also a bit of guess the verb/phrase. eg. you have to type the full word DOWN (abreviation to D not recognized) yet N S E W are valid commands. The English version could also do with a going over to fix grammar etc. (although still understandable) The game hasn’t had any updates for 2 years and the developer’s website doesn’t give any further info on whether it is being actively worked on.
Hopefully your version could also have an English version in time too. Unfortunately I don’t understand Spanish so wasn’t able to check out your work.

When I was looking if someone adapted this game, I alsi found that version on google play (when I used android) and I agree that the amount of ads and the way it displays is irritating.
I understand why is called ColossalCave but in reality is quite shorter.
I am not planing to release this in English (not before Catalan though) as you can play nearly all versions of Colissal Cave in English and online.
So, thanks for the comment and maybe we might ‘see us’ in a futurr release :slight_smile:

Updated: cibersheep.github.io/Adaptacion … al-ngPAWS/
All in one piece. Should all work nicely (still some descriptions for some objects though).