Beta Testers Needed for "The Spectre of Castle Coris"

Beta-testers are required for this adventure, which is the sequel to “The Axe of Kolt”.

Blurb: After your sucess in finding the lost “Axe of Kolt”, you have been made a duke and given lands. Whilst touring your new domain, you arrive at the small town of Corwyn to find the inhabitants fleeing from a “spectre” which has been terrorizing the town. You press on into the town, determined to unravel the mystery of “The Spectre of Castle Coris”.

If you are interested in playtesting this game, please send me a PM.

Many thanks for reading this.

Slightly off-topic, but I may have just now realised something.

“World of Spectrum” lists “Fortress of Fear” as number four in the Axe of Kolt series.

So I’m very curious - since you did the Adrift FoF first, and without any specific reference to AoK… did you simply start with number four? Or did you revamp FoF so it no longer had, in your Adrift version, anything to do with AoK? And, if so, will you stop at Feuerfaust or come up with another, AoK-compliant version of FoF?

Hi Peter,

I had long-wanted to finish FoF, which I had started on the Speccie in the 1990’s and only did part one of what was going to be a 3-part game. I had a long break from adventure-writing then about 8 years ago I restarted work on FoF using ACE (a PC version of the Amstrad version of PAW) and almost had the game finished. Then when Windows 7 was released I discovered that the game engine for running ACE games, WinACE, would not run on Windows 7 so I had to find another adventure-writing program. I settled on ADRIFT, which is so easy to learn and use.

I learnt how to use ADRIFT as I went along programming FoF, which I released a couple of years ago. I then set about programming the rest of the “Alaric Blackmoon” series starting with “The Axe of Kolt”. “The Spectre of Castle Coris” was the second in the series, and it will be followed by “Die Feuerfaust - The Fist of Fire” and “The Lost Children”.

It is a “Stars Wars” type thing. If starting with Episode 4 is good enough for them, it’s good enough for me!

Cool. So FoF is not only the fourth episode of the series - it’s also a FINISHED, complete version of the original fourth episode of the series.

I think this is the point where it would be mean of me to mention that Windows 7’s “XP mode” is an almost-sure workaround to many backward-compatibility problems, heh? :wink: Ah well, it’s Adrift’s gain. You’re probably the most active Adrift developer right now, or at least it seems that way to us guys sitting here outside the Adrift community.

I’m probably going to get bombed by that last comment, but ah well.

So, which one should I play first? FoF or AoK?

I was 8 when SW: Episode I came out, and I think that was probably the first Star Wars that I saw when it was released for VHS, so I never really had the true experience, right? :wink:

Strictly speaking, you should play AoK first, as this was the very first adventure in the original series on the Speccie. FoF was only released “first” because it was the first game I programmed using ADRIFT.

I have given up all hope of getting any more genuine playtesters for AoK, so I will be releasing it soon.

Watch this space! :wink:

I am not the only Drifter currently working on games, but as it is summer in the northern hemisphere atm, some of those guys are doing other things. I am finding that I am doing more programming on my current WIP (The Spectre of Castle Coris, 2nd in the series) at work than I do at home! SoCC is being playtested at the moment, and hopefully I will have it finished in the next month or so.