Beta testers needed for my first game "The Interview"

It is a short single room game created with inform7.

I need pointers how to get the game to the beta testers. Do I just email the zblorb file?


Once you gather some beta testers, you likely want to email them the playable build. You could also do it via a private message here and attach it.

Be aware if you post it publicly (file or link to files) that could disqualify it from any competitions that require an unreleased work (if that is your goal.)

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I’ll check back later, if you’re still needing more testers I might be available…


Great. Thanks. I will send you a zblorb file tomorrow (my day off).

Are you able to send me transcripts of your play? I added the ability for you to add comments. Type “#” as the first char and it will not be counted as a move.

Thanks. Hmm, I might be interested in submitting for a competition. Where can I get more info on the competitions? I assume it would get the game a lot of exposure.

We have a whole Competitions category here:

Introcomp just opened the website for intents to enter this month (Introcomp specializes in feedback for incomplete works), and IFComp will probably be gearing up shortly, usually opening for intents in July.

Yes, I read through the link today. I am psych’ed! I will have this one guy beta test for me, but I am very interested in submitting and getting that level of feedback for sure. Thanks so much. Great timing for me.

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Interested in being a beta tester, if it’s not too late!