Beta-testers for "The Myothian Falcon"

Hi, I am looking for beta-testers for an IF game I hope to enter in IFcomp 2011, and will be ready in a couple of days.

This is my first attempt at IF, though I have written computer-based stories for competitions before (coming third and first), so I do have some sort of track record.

It is written for Quest 5, which you can download for free from here:

If you are interested PM me, or e-mail the_pix at hotmail dot com.


I am nearing the end of the first phase of beta-testing, and I am now looking for more testers.

I am planning on putting this on a private web page, so if you do not want to install Quest 5, you can still terst the game. And if you think beta-testing is a chore, just play the game and send me a transcript (you should be able to copy-and-paste the entire text from the game window). This would help me out a great deal.

Does Quest 5 give an easy way for you to allow the player to add comments? Something like the command you can add in Inform 7 that makes the parser ignore any command that starts with a , so the player can type " Typo in the second sentence…" to put feedback in the transcript. If you can put that in, that’ll get you nicer beta-testing transcripts.

Not by default, but I have included an in-game journal, and you can add comments to that. Type “bug” or just “b”, and return, then type your comment. The comment will then appear in the transcript (as well as going into the journal), with “BUG” prepended.