Beta testers for Painted World and Glitterbug Chat stories

hi there,
Myself and my partner recently published two different story apps. The first one is an interactive fiction called Painted World (published by Glitterbug). Painted world is a dark fantasy story starting off on earth but with heaven, hell and other times and dimensions. It’s characters include Gods, angels, demons, supernatural beings and witches. It is about 9 people whose lives interact in various different times and reincarnations. With Painted World you choose one of the nine characters and read the story from their point of view. At the end of each page you have two choices as to what happens next. You can also switch characters at any time and see the world from another point of view.
We are eager to get people to test our app for content and functionality. We are a small startup so this makes us keen to build up an audience and eager to make changes to fix the things that irk our readers. The app is available in android and iOS and the android version has just been given a face list and is now available in 5 languages (english, spanish, french, hindi, portugese).
Android link: …

iOS link: … 70044?mt=8

Our second story is a chat fiction app. Not strictly a gamebook app per say, but it is interactive in terms of the user experience. Similar to Tap and Hooked apps, readers choose a story and then read the story as as series of text messages. Just a heads up, our chat stories are aimed at adults as some of the content is a bit raunchy, so it is for ages 16 and up. Our app is totally free to use (funded completely by rewarded videos - no banner ads, hidden fees or long wait times) and contains both short stories and longer form serial stories which will be ongoing and updated weekly.

We would absolutely love to get some feedback for this app as we have just released version 1 (version 1.1 will be released today extending coverage for different devices and extending language support for 10 languages). Unfortunatly Glitterbug chat stories is currently only available in Android at present with iOS version on the way.
Android link: … terbug.gcs