Beta testers for my IF Comp 2019 entry

Hi everyone! I’m looking for anyone who would like to test my entry in this fall’s competition.

The game is called “For the Moon Never Beams” and it is in the Glulx format. It’s a mild horror story of moderate length (roughly 1/3 the size of “Diddlebucker!” from last year’s competition).

I’d be more than happy to return the favor for anyone!

I would be happy to.

Thanks! I sent you a copy via PM.

If you’re still looking for testers, I’d be happy to help!

Yes, I would love that, thank you! In my recent attempt to fix a mistake found by one of my other testers, I accidentally created a new bug which I’m working on. As soon as I get it fixed, I’ll send you an updated copy.

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Sounds like fun! I’m looking forward to it.