Beta testers for "Castle Evilmoor"

Hey all,

I’ve written a short castle crawl with TADS 3.1 and Eric Eve’s adv3Lite library. Castle Evilmoor is a an old-school style puzzler with a bit of new-school mercy - the puzzles should be sufficiently clued, and there are several puzzles with more than one solution. In fact, there are so many ways through the game, you might never see the whole castle!

Ideally, most players should be able to beat it in an enjoyable hour or two. I’d like to enter it into IFcomp this year, so it needs beta testing! Of course, all who help to beta test Castle Evilmoor will be listed in the credits.

This game comes with a hint system that will help you get through the game from start to finish, plus a PDF walkthrough that shows a bit of a different path through the castle to your goal.

If interested, please pm me.

First, thanks to all the volunteers who beta tested. You are very appreciated!

I’ve decided after considerable testing that this game is not a good fit for ifcomp. In addition to needing more polish, Evilmoor is simply too large; nobody has yet come close to beating it in two hours.

Rather than tear anything out and drastically rewrite the game, I think we’ll just continue improving it until Spring Thing.