Beta testers for 'Caroline'


This is my first pure text based game I have made, and I would love to get it beta tested.

The game is a CYOA made with html/javascript, which focuses on character interactions and experiencing the story.

As a player you are thrown into a date with the character Caroline. But who is she? And why is she acting so strange?

First draft of the game is finished so I need all the feedback I can get to get it all done.

I will send the game to those interested in helping and make a credits page at the end of the game where testers will get credited.


Kristian Kronstrand

Heads up, when asking for help it’s best to tell us how to contact you, whether it’s an email, pm, or website. But I’d love to help test.

Thanks, PM Is just fine. I will you send you a copy right away.