Beta Testers for ADRIFT game

Hi all,

I am asking for beta testers for my new game “the Book of Jax” (BoJ), the 10th in the Alaric Blackmoon series. it is a medium length game of 120 locations and the synopsis reads as follows:

A mystery illness, The Red Death, is affecting the people of Hecate, making fit people extremely ill, but proving fatal to the very young and old. The sorceror Magor discovers that a similar illness affected the kingdom of Covidia a couple of centuries ago and a wise woman, from a village called Gruchy, had discovered a cure which she recorded in her journal, which became known as “The Book of Jax”.

You are tasked by King Kelson to travel to Covidia to seek out this “Book of Jax” and bring the cure back so that “The Red Death” can be eradicated.

If you can help me by playtesting BoJ, please PM me.

Many thanks.