Beta testers - 15-minute Twine game, "Good Dog", about a dog who's getting too old to save the world

The whole game is complete, including sound and the minimal graphics. I’ve confirmed that it works on several different browsers on Windows and Linux, and especially want to hear about other platforms where it works well - or doesn’t.

I haven’t added any support for mobile or large screens yet.

Thank you for any comments - I appreciate them!

Password: gofetch

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It plays fine on Mac Firefox. The sound effects are quite cool. Maybe the ‘play’ buttons are a bit small and maybe too close to the text. Also, ending was quite a bummer. I liked it!

I noticed a couple of typos

Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 4.19.20 PM

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I am completely charmed that you read through the entire list of credits to spot that typo! Thank you - I’ll fix these and get a new build up ASAP!