Beta tester wanted for entry to next years parser comp (Adrift game)

I have finished my entry for next years Parser Comp (hoping there’ll be one :wink: ) and are looking for a beta tester to run through it.
I’m looking for someone who can do spell and grammar checking, as well as checking for bug and errors.
The game has been through two beta testers already so I assume that most of the serious bugs has been ironed out by now. However, I thought I’d give the two guys a break and look for a fresh perspective.
The game is winnable, mind you. But it may take some time. So please only sign up if you’re ready to spend at least a couple of hours testing.

About the game:
The game is created using Campbell Wild’s Adrift V.5 developer. I will send it either as a .Blorb or an .Exe file. Mind you that the .Exe file may come up with a false virus warning. This is a well known problem within the Adrift community but I thought I should warn you anyway.

If interested, please contact me through here, or write me at: Drifting.Prune at Gmail

Thanks in advance.

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I am not a native english speaker, so I can’t help about sintax or grammar unless big mistakes. Nevertheless I can test the game for you if needed.

  • Jade

Great to see so much enthousiasm about ParserComp 2!

I’m more than willing to spend a few evenings disemboweling your game (all in the name of helpful community service of course, personal enjoyment of game-evisceration has nothing to do with it…)

However, your timing is quite unfortunate. It’s the middle of IFComp, so a lot of people (me included) will be focusing their attention on playing and judging the comp-entries.

But since ParserComp 2 won’t be starting until June 2022 (I think?), would it be ok if I playtested your game after IFComp? Starting mid-november?

I have Adrift installed (I’ll probably have to rescue it from McAfee’s quarantine again before I can open it…) so you can just send me the game file.


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A huge thank you to all who has offered to help test my game.
I now have enough testers for the time being, but I will most certainly return should the need arise.