[Beta Tester Available!]

so, after beta testing chaos back in march, it went so well, that, if anyone needs a beta tester, feel free to let me know.

I renamed your message “Beta Tester Available” since it sounds like you’re offering testing instead of requesting it.

how were you able to do that just curious?

As the original poster, you should be able to edit the original message. Click the three dots and the pencil on your message to edit.

I believe you should be able to do this on your own messages. Users at higher trust levels can edit the title/category of any message for organization purposes (there’s a pencil icon next to the message title to do this) but they cannot edit the message content.

one problem, the pencil thing, does not apply to me, you will need to say what it says, so that, I can click on it, you see, I’m totally blind and, I use voiceover. I was able to edit my message.

Oh! Thank you for letting me know. The “ellipsis” icon is labelled “show more” and the pencil icon is labelled “edit this post”. Does that match up to what the voiceover commands listen for?

I see one called show more and edit this post, yes, that adds up.

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I have a small I6 game in early development. It is actually my first try at a real game. I am only into the initial scenes. I showed it to a couple of my adult children this week. Both were lost at the start. Neither have ever played text IF so that may be a factor. One is a very accomplished EE and the other is an accountant. If you could test it and provide pointers, it would be appreciated. (I can send it via private message if that would be OK)

Thank you, Jeff

I can do that, also, you can send it that way, or, to jamesseller1998@outlook.com I prefer it that way, because, then, I can download it a little quicker. also, what do you mean pointers?

Mainly, just see if it works. My son and daughter were pretty much stumped without direction.


yes, it works, I was even able to get the hatch unlocked, it’s all about figuring out wich item works on it.

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I am still learning mechanics of I6. The narrative is still in draft status. I will include further hints regarding helm control vs. a drawer at the helm station.

Thank you for the help.

I used playfic.com to create my first if game.

Playfic is an interesting option. I will take a look.

I enjoy the challenge of parser based development. I have been experimenting with both I6 and TADS 3. Tads seems to have a more detailed library (Adv3 vs. Adv3Lite).

I expect to move forward with TADS.