Beta test and feedback for my Witcher inspired ZIL effort

Hello Fine Folks,

After more than a week of playing around with ZIL, this is what I have come up so far: A Witcher game inspired by the CDPR games. There’s no overall story since I was mainly preoccupied with implementing some mechanics. There’s less fiction for now. There is also no victory conditions as yet.

Basic Combat and NPC dialog is already implemented.

Would appreciate some feedback.

Playable online through

Source code here:

Some other notes:

  • Read codex using the READ CODEX command or look up a specific topic using READ CODEX ABOUT (TOPIC)
  • Although you can attack monsters using ATTACH (MONSTER) USING (SWORD), you can enter combat mode using COMBAT
  • You can travel to locations on foot (will cause fatigue) or by riding Roach using RIDE ROACH. You can also summon roach simply by typing ROACH
  • To eat, simply type EAT
  • STATUS brings up your current status

I have no plans yet to enter this one in a competition… mainly trying to get anyones feel or interest in this.

Reading through the various ZIL topics in this forum helped me a lot! Thanks and Cheers!

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Very nice. It is well developed for only working with Zilf for a week!

The inventory is extensive and will require a fair amount of game play to utilize. I am especially impressed by the CODEX and STATUS systems. Also, thank you for sharing your source code. I hope to learn from your technique.

More to follow as I explore your game.

I know nothing about the Witcher setting so I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking at here, but one concrete suggestion for old-time ZILlish players: map DIAGNOSE to your STATUS readout.

Sounds reasonable. Done :slight_smile:


Right now, I’m open to removing the EAT cycle and travel fatigue if it gets too annoying. Also, different types of NPCs like 'smiths and/or merchants would be higher on my next milestones.

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