Best text reveal methods? (Sugarcube 2)

Using Twine 2.2.1 and Sugarcube 2.21.0

I have a text-heavy game, and the text has links within it to other passages (or to an external URL).

Trying to find the best way for players to be able to reveal text in bite-sized chunks within a passage.

Currently using java that allows reveal of next bit of text on touch or click… but it’s awkward when the random place you touch or click happens to be a link contained in the next bit of text.

Is there a better way? What’s your favourite way to reveal more text in the same passage?

And is there a way to make it all stay revealed once a player has been through the passage for the first time?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts :slight_smile:

I think I would make use of <<link>>, <<replace>> and <span>.

I tend to favour the use of <<include>> to make my passages a bit more readable:

:: First Text (tagged nobr)

This is the first text you see, with a 

<span id="link"> 
	<<link "link">>
		<<replace "#text2">>
			<<include "Second Text">>
		<<replace "#link">>

that adds more text when clicked. 
<span id="text2"> 


:: Second Text

This is the text seen after the link has been clicked.

I’m sure one of the more experienced people on here would have better ideas though!