Best place for inweb questions?

I stumbled onto inweb last week, and have read through the documentation and some of the program source, but I have some questions. The Github pages says that the best place to post about inweb stuff (well, aside from bug reports) is at the IF Forum, but so far, I’ve been unable to find any discussions about it. Can anyone point me in the right direction?



inweb is relatively new and pretty obscure. There just isn’t much discussion of it anywhere. However, most of the people in the world that know what it is are members or visit here (unfortunately, I’m not an expert myself). He most likely directed people here to start building up a body of questions and answers.


This is the right place for this discussion. We have Mad Scientists here, so please ask away.


Cool. Well, let’s start with something simple(r).

The first issue I’m running into is that if I have comments in the code sections, they’re rendered during the weave as the CSS class comment-syntax, but the actual comment indicator has been stripped out. Without wanting to quibble about whether I need the comment indicator, I’d still like to restore it in the woven render, but I haven’t found any command-line options or anything in the documentation about it.

Any ideas?

That sounds like this known bug: INWEB-4. It’s fixed in the devlopment version.


So how do I get hold of the development version? The Github repo only has commits up through May 13.

That is the dev version.

The bug report implies that it’s not yet fixed?

Next question. Perhaps a silly one.

The documentation suggests that I can create an “all-in-one” web, whereby I create a file called, say, fooba.inweb, and then I can use inweb to tangle, weave, whatever.

And sure enough, I can do that. It creates fooba.html just fine when I weave it, and it creates fooba.c (or whatever) when I tangle it, and everything’s great—except that none of the internal links work in the woven document. The table of contents, for example, has links to "S-all.html#SP1", for example.

Did I miss a configuration step somewhere?